Keep checking this page for answers you need to know about BTPS Student Transportation.

Transportation eligibility is based on the distance you reside from your designated school.  You must be 2.4 km or more from your designated school to be eligible for transportation funding.  Your designated school is the school that lies in your transportation service area.  Please email the transportation department at to find out if you are eligible for transportation and for your designated school.  Click here for more information on transportation funding.

Transportation Service Areas are the boundaries that determine what school you will be provided school bus service to if you are eligible for bussing.  The Board of Trustees determine the Transportation Service Areas for their division as per the School Act. Click here for more information.

Please email the Transportation Department at to find out what Transportation Service Area you reside in.  We have all of the boundaries on our computer software program called BusPlanner and if you provide us with your land location or municipal address we can tell you your designated Transportation Service Area and your designated school.


Your designated school is the school that lies in your Transportation Service Area.  Please email the Transportation Department at if you are not sure what your designated school is.

Boundary Exemption Bussing means that school bus transportation service is extended to students who live outside their school's transportation service area, provided they fill out and sign the required application form and meet the requirements for boundary exemption bussing.  For more information please review the administrative procedure.  All Boundary Exemption bussing requests are due May 1st for the new school year.  The Board reviews all requests at their May meeting.

Unfortunately, school of choice is not funded in terms of transportation funding by Alberta Education.  Your child's educational funding will follow your child to whatever school you send them to; however, they will only receive transportation to their closest or designated school if you reside 2.4 km from that school.  Your options for school bus transportation would be to apply for boundary exemption bussing and meet the bus on route at a designated stop providing there is space available on the bus and your child has been accepted and enrolled at their school of choice.  Your second option would be to drive your child yourself to their school of choice at your own expense.

All School Bus Registrations are now completed online at this link  Please choose from the service on the left for which you would like to register.  Once you complete the online form, our office will contact you with the name and phone numbers of the bus contractor and driver.  Parents will then contact the bus operator for pick up and drop off details.  Yard Service and Boundary Exemption/Cross Jurisdiction applications must be printed, signed, and emailed or faxed to our office.  The email is and the fax number is 780-842-3255.  

You can attend a Buffalo Trail Public School (BTPS) if you live outside of the division; however, school bus transportation services may not be provided.  If you would like to receive school bus transportation you would have to apply to your resident school board to release you in order for BTPS to be able to consider your cross-jurisdiction transportation request.  Once you receive approval from your resident board for BTPS to transport your children from your residence gate, you will have to write a cross-jurisdiction request letter to the Board of Trustees of BTPS or complete the Cross-Jurisdictional Bussing request form.  All Cross Jurisdiction Boundary Exemption bussing requests are due May 1st for the new school year.  The Board reviews all requests at their May meeting.

Transportation funding is only provided to one's residence gate.  Regardless of the reason for entering one's yard (i.e. safety, distance, visibility, etc), if a parent requests yard service for any reason there will be a fee.  Please review the Administrative Procedures on Yard ServiceEssential Private Private Property Up and Drop Offs, and Rural Bus Stop Assessments.