Inclusive Learning

Inclusive Learning

"While we try to teach our children about life, our children teach us what life is all about" - Angela Schwindt

Meet the Department of Inclusive Learning

Buffalo Trail Public Schools is committed to maximizing student learning for children and students with diverse learning needs in a safe and caring environment, supported by a highly effective team. 

Inclusion is a way of thinking and acting that demonstrates universal acceptance and promotes a sense of belonging for all learners. Buffalo Trail Public Schools recognizes the need and the obligation to provide inclusive learning services and supports for all children and students. 

Inclusion is not just about children and students with diverse learning needs. It is an attitude and approach that embraces diversity and learner differences and promotes equal opportunities for all learners. 

Every child and student has unique and diverse learning needs. Some learners have profound and ongoing needs and others have short-term or situation-based needs. To have these diverse learning needs met it requires safe, caring, flexible and responsive learning environments that can adapt to the changing needs of learners.

The Department of Inclusive Learning provides services and supports to children and students, staff and schools, in order to assist children and students in reaching their full learning potential in the most positive, effective, and supportive educational environments, using all available resources possible.


Crystal Tower
Director of Inclusive Learning

Gayle Hedley
Administrative Assistant