Learning Services

Learning Services

The Learning Services is our hub for curriculum, assessment and instructional initiatives within the district. Working closely with schools, principals and teachers, this department supports excellence in teaching and learning with our Mission statement to guide us.

Our Mission in the division and through our the Learning Services department is:

  • Buffalo Trail Public Schools is committed to maximizing student learning, in a safe and caring environment, supported by a highly effective team.

Our team at Learning Services provides supports to teachers, support staff and principals for a variety of curricular areas at all grade levels, to;  

  • create new and innovative learning opportunities for staff and students 
  • leverage technology to support learning for students and staff
  • meet the current board and provincial initiatives.

Programming we provide supports for include: 

  • Inclusive Education, 
  • Off-Campus Education Programs, 
  • Learning Opportunities through College Partnerships
  • Online Dual Credit Opportunities
  • Summer School (CTS - trades)
  • Learning Common Spaces 
  • Virtual Learning
  • system-wide professional development