Division resources for:

  1. Alberta Education Program of Studies
  2. Locally Developed High School and Junior High courses 
  3. CTS and CTF courses
  4. First Nations, Mètis and Inuit (FNMI) support 
  5. Off-campus (Work Experience, RAP and Green Certificate)
  6. Online Dual Credit Courses and the CTS/Lakeland Partnership
  7. New Teacher Mentorship 
  8. Diploma Exam Preparation Resources (see below)
  9. Alberta Education Curriculum questions

Parent resource: "My Child's Learning: A Parent Resource" Curriculum Handbooks, by grade, visit the Alberta Education Website.

Teacher provincial resources and tools:

  1. New LearnAlberta resource
  2. Historical LearnAlberta resource

Please also check out our Programs page.

Resources and Materials from around Alberta:  

  1. Alberta Education website resources to note:
  2. PRINT resources for those who like the paper format:
  3. Live Sessions:
    • Diplomax: Primetime Learning provides Diplomax sessions online, for Grade 12 diploma exam preparation. The schedule and online registration for current Diplomax sessions can be viewed here:  
    • "Rock the Diploma" (RTD) On-Line:  These online sessions are taught in real time with real teachers. For more information or to register.

Click here for the Current Diploma Schedule and Guides