Division resources for:

  1. Alberta Education Program of Studies
  2. Locally Developed High School and Junior High courses 
  3. CTS and CTF courses
  4. First Nations, Mètis and Inuit (FNMI) support 
  5. Off-campus (Work Experience, RAP and Green Certificate)
  6. Online Dual Credit Courses and the CTS/Lakeland Partnership
  7. New Teacher Mentorship 
  8. Diploma Exam Preparation Resources (see below)
  9. Alberta Education Curriculum questions

Parent resource: "My Child's Learning: A Parent Resource" Curriculum Handbooks, by grade, visit the Alberta Education Website.

Teacher provincial resources and tools:

  1. New LearnAlberta resource
  2. Historical LearnAlberta resource

Please also check out our Programs page.

Resources and Materials from around Alberta:  

  1. Alberta Education website resources to note:
  2. PRINT resources for those who like the paper format:
  3. Live Sessions:
    • Diplomax: Primetime Learning provides Diplomax sessions online, for Grade 12 diploma exam preparation. The schedule and online registration for current Diplomax sessions can be viewed here:  
    • "Rock the Diploma" (RTD) On-Line:  These online sessions are taught in real time with real teachers. For more information or to register.

Click here for the Current Diploma Schedule and Guides  

Letter to Parents and Guardians - K-6 Curriculum Implementation