Bus Safety

School Bus Safety - We all play a role

Drivers play a key role in back-to-school safety. Be alert and cautious. Watch out for children and school buses.

Young students also need to be aware of traffic safety rules as pedestrians, bicyclists, skateboarders and as school bus passengers. 

When you’re approaching a school bus, remember these tips:

  • Alternating flashing amber lights mean a bus is slowing down to stop. Do the same. 
  • When approaching a school bus with red lights flashing on an undivided highway -you must stop! The fine for passing a school bus with its red lights flashing is $543 and six demerit points.
  • Always watch for children crossing roads. Prepare to slow down and stop.

Please do your part to help bus drivers keep our students safe. Together we can continue to make the school bus the safest means of student transportation.  If you see someone passing a school bus with its red flashing lights activated, please complete the Fly-by Detailed Report form and report it to your local RCMP station.  Thank you for doing your part to keep our students safe.

Students crossing over ravine to demonstrate passing buses safely etiquette