First Nations, Métis, and Inuit

BTPS Supports

With BTPS students in mind, we have built a Hapara Workspace with a large variety of Indigenous resources.  To honour teachers' busy schedules, this workspace is meant to be a one-stop-shop where BTPS teachers can quickly access ideas, lesson plans, internet resources, PD options, etc, that include Indigenous perspectives and are relevant to all subjects areas of Alberta curricula.  Access permitted to BTPS accounts only.

BTPS Indigenous Hapara Workspace

Professional Development Resources

These digital professional development resources are intended to strengthen Alberta teachers' confidence to include Indigenous perspectives in their classroom instruction.

Learning Resources

These classroom supports are intended for Alberta teachers to include as FNMI awareness in their classroom instruction.

Over 85 courses related to English, Math, Science, and Social with resources which include First Nations, Métis, or Inuit content or perspectives.

ARPDC Learning Portal 

University of Lethbridge FNMI database is a collection of lessons and resources for teachers across all subjects and grade levels. 

University of Lethbridge FNMI Database

Over 400 titles, linked to Alberta curriculum. This database is a subscription service. Easy to check for updates since their most recent material is listed first.

Aboriginal Literature Collection On-Line

Scholarships & Bursaries

Academic Invest (Sherwood Park, AB) lists grants, scholarships and bursaries for students and new graduates.

Academic Invest

The Aboriginal Bursaries Search Tool (Govt of Canada) is a searchable list of more than 750 bursaries, scholarships and incentives across Canada, offered by governments, universities and colleges, private and public companies, individual Canadians, organizations and others. The majority of bursaries on this list target Aboriginal students but could vary by group such as First Nation, Métis or Inuit.

The Aboriginal Bursaries Search Tool

Summer Opportunities