Guiding Principles


  • Students are the primary focus of the school and the school system.
  • Education should prepare students to be lifelong learners able to respond and adapt effectively to change.
  • Students are entitled to the highest quality education possible.
  • All students should have an equal opportunity to a quality education which addresses the growth and development of the whole person.
  • All students deserve an opportunity to successfully learn in a safe and caring environment.
  • Schools must focus on the worth of individual students enabling them to develop to their full potential as contributing members of society.


  • Education should be a partnership where responsibility for student growth and development is shared amongst students, school, parents, families, business, social agencies and government.
  • Our programs contribute to the student’s intellectual, social, physical, emotional, and moral development.
  • Instruction will reflect sound instructional strategies guided by current educational research.
  • Where possible, educational partnerships will be developed with post-secondary institutions to enhance student educational experiences.
  • Programs will be resourced in a sustainable manner.
  • Programs will be monitored to ensure they meet the learning needs of students.
  • Education must include a global focus which values cultural diversity and celebrates our Canadian heritage.

Human Resources:

  • Cooperation, collaboration and team work are valued in the system.
  • We value all staff and support lifelong learning through appropriate professional development.
  • The most suitable candidates will be hired through an open and transparent process.
  • All employees are subject to an appropriate performance evaluation.
  • The well-being of all staff will be promoted in a safe and caring work environment.

Financial Management:

  • Allocation of resources will reflect Board priorities.
  • The Board, in consultation with Administration, shall develop the budget.
  • Resources will be allocated in a sustainable, transparent and responsible manner.


  • The Board recognizes that schools are integral parts of the community and supports partnerships that assist in meeting student and community needs.
  • Facilities shall be safe, healthy and well-maintained.
  • Long-term facility planning will consider both current and future needs.


  • Bus routes shall be established to serve all resident students in the safest and most time efficient manner possible.