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Military Family Appreciation Day

On September 15, Buffalo Trail Public Schools proudly recognizes Military Family Appreciation Day, observed every year on the third Friday in September. 

Military Family Appreciation Day was founded by the Canadian non-profit foundation, Together We Stand, and passed unanimously by Parliament in 2019.  Working closely with Members of Parliament from every Federal political party, Together We Stand established a nationally recognized day for Canadian military families through the introduction and passage of a Unanimous Consent Motion in the House of Commons on June 19th, 2019. Now, the third Friday in September is known annually as Military Family Appreciation Day across Canada, the first and only day in Canada dedicated to our military families.

BTPS honours and appreciates the incredible contributions of military families who endure long deployments, frequent relocations, and countless sacrifices to support their loved ones in uniform. 

“On this day, and every day, we remember the sacrifices and celebrate, pay tribute, thank and acknowledge the resilience of our military families as they support the operations of the Canadian Armed Forces”- BTPS Board Chair, Kara Jackson

“Each day, children from Military Families face challenges and adventures which are unique to them.  They are reminded on a regular basis that they are, as Military Family Members, truly the Strength Behind the Uniform.  Without the consistent and specific support of these children for their Canadian Armed Forces Member Parent(s), our Canadian Military would not be nearly as strong or effective as it is!

In Canada we also have the incredible gift of Community Support in general, and the specific support of our Educational Institutions, which are in many ways “partners” in uplifting and caring for our Military Children.  Across this country, Military Family Resource Centres seek ways to encourage our Military Family Members of all ages, and our Community Schools partner with us in so many seen and unseen ways.

Teachers, support workers, school employees, volunteers, and “civilian” students play a significant role in helping our “military” children feel part of a community in which they find themselves posted.  Whether the children’s time is long or short, the role of the School in the creation of healthy and well-adapted children – military and non – should never be taken for granted.

On behalf of the Wainwright Military Family Resource Centre, our Board of Directors, Staff, Volunteers, and Families, I would like to offer my deep and genuine appreciation for the Support the Buffalo Trail Public Schools provide to our Military Family Children and Family Members as they serve in their own right as the Strength Behind the Uniform.  May we continue as Community Partners and friends on Military Family Appreciation Day and beyond.” - Rachael Parker, Chairperson, Wainwright Military Family Resource Centre

For more information and ways to get involved, please visit the Together We Stand website at

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