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Media Release - BTPS Superintendent Welcome Message

Tuesday, August 29, 2023

The start of the new school year brings many emotions. For me, it has always been a time of excitement filled with promise and potential. Seeing school buses in the morning bringing students to school, young students with backpacks walking with energy to meet their new teacher and reconnect with friends, and our high school students taking courses and preparing for their futures.

We are so excited to welcome students back into our buildings after the Labour Day weekend. The staff at Buffalo Trail Public Schools have been preparing our schools for an exciting new year of learning and success which is evident by many things, including fresh paint, shiny floors, and mowed school yards. School buses have been cleaned and routes have been designed. Classroom technology and school devices are ready to go. Bulletin boards are being hung and lessons are being created. All this work is being done in preparation for the students and parents to walk through the school doors on Tuesday, September 5th, when the real learning and fun begins.

Buffalo Trail Public Schools is especially focused on caring and including all students. Our principals, teachers, mental health supports, and all our school-based staff are committed to our students, and they inspire me for what I can do to support their work.

The senior leadership team has also been planning and preparing over the summer to do the best in supporting our schools and the success of both our staff and students. Starting in late August, we have been meeting with our teachers and principals to have conversations on how we can grow and continue our commitment to learning. With the first Board of Trustees meeting in August already behind us, our Board is also planning and preparing for great things to come.

We are ready and cannot wait to welcome our students and families back to our schools to continue learning, building relationships, and preparing for a bright future. I look forward to us all learning together. I am sure it will be a year filled with exciting memories.

Your Superintendent,

Michelle Webb


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