Task Force

The Board of Trustees of Buffalo Trail Public Schools has been working very hard to address the challenges that exist in offering transportation services to our students.  

The elimination of the fuel funding subsidy, the rise in the cost of fuel, the Carbox Tax Levy and the decline in enrolment in some of our rural areas has made it very difficult for both the Board and our bus contractors.  The Board of Trustees is committed to working hard to find long terms solutions.  We previously announced that the Board is striking a Transportation Task Force to look at the issue and to work with our local contractors to find a solution.  This Task Force has extended across 17 other rural jurisdictions and has become a permanent committee called the Alberta Rural Caucus, and I am pleased to announce that our Board Chair, Darcy Eddleston was named the  president of this caucus.  Darcy and his collegues will tackle the tough issues that impact rual school boards, including transportation.

If you have ideas that you want to share with the task force, please send them to: