Radio Ads

BTPS Radio Ads

We release radio ads throughout the year to inform our families, staff and community about Buffalo Trail Public Schools events using student voices from around the division. Check out our radio ads!

BTPS Superintendent - Rhae-Ann Holoien:

Meaghan from Irma School:

Gage from Hughenden Public School:

Holly from Hughenden Public School:

Kade from Marwayne Jubilee School:

Quinn from Edgerton Public School:

Maizie from Dewberry School:

Pyrrha from JR Robson School:

Aaron from Vermilion Elementary School:

Toree from Kitscoty Jr/Sr High:

Emmit from Kitscoty Elementary School:

Ebony from Wainwright High School:

Keysha from Dr. Folkins Community School:

Norah from Delnorte School:

Rain from EH Walter School:

Zach from Provost Public School:

Anna from Vermilion Elementary School:

Kindergarten/New Student Registration Messages:

Wyatt from Wainwright Elementary School:

Navy from Vermilion Elementary School:


Graduation Messages

Brooke from Dr. Folkins Community School: 

BTPS Superintendent - Rhae-Ann Holoien:


National Indigenous History Month

Sheldon from Vermilion Outreach School:


National Indigenous Peoples Day Message:

Ashtyn from Mannville School:


Have a Great Summer Message:

BTPS Board Chair - Stephanie Spornitz: