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Mannville School At-Home Learning

COVID-19 News and Updates

Mannville School in Buffalo Trail Public Schools received notification of their first positive COVID-19 case on Saturday, September 26, 2021. The principal, Kim DeFord, knew that it was important to be transparent with her staff and parents and sent a letter to notify her school families about the positive case in the school. Buffalo Trail Public Schools relies on their parents/guardians to inform schools of symptoms of respiratory illness and positive COVID-19 cases which helps inform their students, staff, and families.

From Saturday, September 26 to Thursday, September 30, 2021, Mannville School saw a daily increase of COVID cases and also students at home sick. Schools are monitoring daily attendance closely. Mannville School had already moved the Grade 6 and Kindergarten classes to at home learning due to the number of COVID cases in those classrooms. After the number of COVID cases reached double digits in such a short amount of time, the division worked with Alberta Education to receive approval to move to at-home learning for the entire school for two weeks.

Rhae-Ann Holoien, Superintendent of Buffalo Trail Public Schools, indicated that “the move to at home learning is a difficult decision as this impacts students, families and staff; however, we really felt that we needed to minimize the risk of spread and keep students and staff safe. Our staff are amazing at being flexible and providing learning opportunities when students are at home, but this takes a toll on everyone when students are moved to at-home learning. We are hoping to see the number of COVID cases and people home sick decrease over the next two weeks, so we are able to return to in person learning at Mannville School.”

Buffalo Trail Public Schools also reports they have had COVID-19 positive people affiliated with the majority of their schools and facilities. They continue to rely on parents or the individual to let their principal and supervisor know so the division is able to be transparent to others who are in the buildings. September has been a challenging month in the division and BTPS thanks all the parents, families, and stakeholders for all of their continued support.

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